~~~To live well, in this WErld ~~~

i choose to fully pARTicipate in the re’b’eARTh of our culture, through the WErk of this chamber.

As a modern human, i see this to be a personal Response Ability that we all share, whether we know it....or not.~~~

Mz. imani

SoulFire Sanctuary is home to the 18th Peace Chamber, which is one of Joseph Rael’s gifts of WErld Peace. 

  • Joseph Rael was given a vision and a mission to build chambers around the planet that are dedicated to WErld Peace. This Chamber was built more than 30 years ago and is the 18th Chamber of 74. Nestled into a North Facing mountain, it sits on 8 Ley Lines that meet in the center of the chamber.  
  • In 2014, Mz. imani purchased the Peace Chamber property and was given permission to bring her self fully to this land. The repairs to the physical and metaphysical structures have given her more than she recognized and she gave herself the humorous title of being a Janitor with a Drum. Slowly + steadily her personal and collectively held werk on + with the land has stabilized and curated her role of restoring the Chamber. Given the conditions in our WErld, it is a place of profound importance in our WErld today and she is aware that it is time to step into the role of a Clan Mother or Grandmother.
  • Mz. imani’s goals include being in nature while curating and cultivating ceremonial fire circles, roundtable discussions, mentorship + training programs to uplift community expressions of harmony + prayer thru the arts. She is initiated in many circles and is interested in sharing what she has learned in her more than 30 years as a ceremonial musician.
  • We are a community in the making as we are developing our personal and collective awareness of the sacred, the practice of gratitude,and the power of ART in ACTion.
  • We honor the Moon Cycles and Seasonal Celebrations, Rites of Passage and collaboration through the mythic arts of community ceremony.
  • Mz. imani and other local and visiting people of prayer and peace are showing up – offering their ThyMe and Skill to prepare, network and mentor community members ready to bring their work into the WErld.
  • Instigating and inspiring SoulFire Circles of Sanctuary, both locally and globally, virtually and physically to tend to our personal + collective SoulFires as we drum, dance and pray for peace.
  • SoulFire Sanctuary honors our primary expressions of contemplation and prayer as music, movement, silence, time in nature and art.

Medicine Wheel – Upper Dance Grounds
SoulFire Sanctuary


Mz.imani has walked the path of the drum, for more than 30 years. Her primary mentor was Babatunde Olatunji + she is a modern woman, a grandma, a singer, a drummer, an artist, a fire keeper and a ceremonial musician.

Having traveled the WErld, supporting elders, gatherings and convergences, she offers her music and instigates circles to play and pray for the planet, the people and life itself.

Her WErk helps us all to remember our ceremonial roles and that together we are stronger as a force of nature. She is available for private 1 to 1 sessions, small group circles, Planetary Councils, Virtual Actions and New WErld ceremonies.

Mz. imani resides in Swannanoa, North Carolina and serves as Curator of SoulFire Sanctuary and the 18th Peace Chamber.

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