~~~To live well, in this WErld ~~~

i choose to fully pARTicipate in the re’b’eARTh of our culture, through the WErk of this chamber.

As a modern human, i see this to be a personal Response Ability that we all share, whether we know it....or not.~~~

Mz. imani

SoulFire Sanctuary is Art in Action
A Prayer for the People + the Planet – A Place to Rest + Restory Ourselves.

  • Curated by Mz. imani + Friends our goals are to organize, activate and maintain SoulFire Sanctuary as a temple of the earth. A church of music, art and movement to uplift earth based principles and traditions. Cultivating planetary healing and personal harmony, through roundtable discussions, ceremony and the arts. Our prayer is to gather people, to be in communion, to drum, dance and pray for peace, and to be with the Divine in nature.
  • To assist our community in developing a personal and collective awareness of the sacred, and the practice of gratitude by honoring the Moon Cycles and Seasonal Celebrations, Rites of Passage and collaboration through the mythic arts and community ceremony.
  • To prepare, network and mentor community members to bring their work into the world, inspiring SoulFire Circles of Sanctuary, both locally and globally, virtually and physically to drum, dance and pray for peace. SoulFire Sanctuary honors our primary expressions of contemplation and prayer as music, movement, silence, time in nature and art.

Medicine Wheel – Upper Dance Grounds
SoulFire Sanctuary

SoulFire Sanctuary is the home to the 18th Sound Peace Chamber in the Lineage of Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow). To learn more about the Dances and Joseph’s werk, please visit this site: The Chamber was held as an Educational 501c3 called the Earth Center. Prior to the Earth Center, the land was owned by the Southern Churchman Association, and Rev. Bryant was chosen, to purchase the 400 acres of this Cove, in Western North Carolina, as he understood the importance of this place. I hear tell it is a place that black and white ministers would meet to try to find ways that the pulpit could calm the intensity of the Civil Rites Era. The original people of this land are the Cherokee, and the original boundary of the Cherokee nation, that was recognized by the King of England (prior to the birth of the US) is about 10 miles from the chamber.

Underneath the Peace Chamber there are 8 ley lines that intersect and form a very potent vortex, portal and emanation of eARTh energies. The intentional WEaving of this place as a place of peace + ceremonial gathering place has always been important, perhaps now more than ever before.

Since 2014 SoulFire Sanctuary has been home base for Mz. imani. As a visionary, ceremonial musician and dancer of the all night fire circle community, she was keenly aware of the potential of this place. She is a Planetary AlcheMystic, a Minister and one who hears the call of the wild and of the land. She heard the call of this land and the Chamber and Mz. imani knew that it was her WErk to do, to reclaim and reb’eARTh this sanctuary and chamber. Now 7 years later, it is thyme to re-open the way for the people to gather. There are many interesting synchronicities that have occurred, starting many years before Mz. imani returned to North Carolina in 2013, that remind her that she is in the rite thyme and the rite place, as caretaker, curator and land steward for SoulFire Sanctuary + the 18th Peace Chamber.

Mz.imani has walked the path of the drum, for more than 30 years. Her primary mentor was Babatunde Olatunji + she is a modern woman, a grandma, a singer, a drummer, an artist, a fire keeper and a ceremonial musician.

Having traveled the WErld, supporting elders, gatherings and convergences, she offers her music and instigates circles to play and pray for the planet, the people and life itself.

Her WErk helps us all to remember our ceremonial roles and that together we are stronger as a force of nature. She is available for private 1 to 1 sessions, small group circles, Planetary Councils, Virtual Actions and New WErld ceremonies.

Mz. imani resides in Swannanoa, North Carolina and serves as Curator of SoulFire Sanctuary and the 18th Peace Chamber.

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