The Soft Awakening of SoulFire Sanctuary

June 18-24, 2018

Local, Regional and US Musicians, Ceremonialists, Artists, and Change Makers, gather at SoulFire Sanctuary, to celebrate the reb’eARTh of the 18th Sound / Peace Chamber.


…in learning to live well in this WErld, we chose to explore our collective and personal responsibilities as pARTicipants in this “Dance of a cultural & planetary reb’eARTh” that whether we know it or not, we are in the midst of.

All attendees must preregister!

You MUST carpool or take an Uber. There are hoops to jump thru to do this: Please be in contact thru email. Thanks~Mojo.

SoulFire Sanctuary is dedicated to the expression and exploration of this Dance, and the personal and collective WErk, that i am aware of being pillars to a healthy spiritual ecosystem.
…this is a place to restore, a place to sit, and thereby nourish yourself and the innate desire to dance, to play, to offer belsSINGs, to collaborate and play follow the leader. sometimes that leads is me, and sometimes it is not.

SoulFire Sanctuary is a place where i will share what i know about being a modern woman, who is also a shamanic practitioner. The improvisational music that is possible is one of our commonalities. Thru music, solitude, art, ceremony and conversation, we are callingour diverse collective of Kindred Tribe to consider gathering with us. In body, mind and spirit, WE are all in this together.

With the blesSINGs of the Ancestors, & blesSINGs for the future, i formally dedicate our WErk, to the wellness of children & wellness in, and surrounding, the wild places of eARTh & water.” ~Mama Mojo / Mz. imani

For More Information about the chamber or the protocols of attending the sol, the schedule,  please send an email to