Mz. imani plays Music as Medicine.

In her soul, a fire burns, and water flows: the eARTh holds her feet the air we breathe inspires the spirit of sacred collaborations woven together thru circumambulation the cultivation of spirit shares blessings for one’s personal capacity, and the capacity of our collective conscious evolution. The gifts Mz. imani has received from her many mentors, combined with her innate wisdom, cultivates the medicine she carries forward. She is a ceremony woman, a percussionist, vocalist and shamanic healing artist.

As a facilitator of New WErld Alchemy she blesses and navigates the places where unseen mystical and musical gifts reside. She sings and tends these sacred sounds that naturally emerge, and with invitation and attention, they grow to blossom and bear fruit. For several decades, Mz imani has actively supported gatherings around the WErld, that share a common theme to inspire remembrance of our ceremonial relationship to the eARTh.

Music as Medicine

Skilled in shamanic practice, ceremonial music, drumming and sacred space design, she is an impish instigatress of sacred music circles and eclectic ceremonial practices, who is a trusted to help the groups entrain and resonate with a common free-quency. Whether in the physical work of building or tending a space, like the Peace Chamber, or in the subltle work of music, prayer and gratitude, Mz. imani has a way of encouraging folks to show up, pay attention and participate. Grateful to be landed in the mountains of Western NC, where shei hosts an international Handpan gathering, and is nearing completion of the renovation of the 18th Peace Chamber. Mz. imani began her journey with the drum in Asheville, NC, in 1986. In those first few moments of hearing a drum “orchestra” and then participating in a drum circle, she knew she had found the instrument she had been seeking. Young and captivated, 1986 was a time when the drum was not really accessible to women. She was persistent in her quest to learn the drum, and was blessed to know men, who were changing this, by being willing to teach women to play. These men include Joe Roberts, Darrell Rose and Babatunde Olatunji Mz. Imani’s first ceremonial fire was with Olatunji. “Darrell and I stood beside each other, with a handful of others at a fire taller than any of us. There as students of the elder – who was fiercely blesSING us – hindsight is 20/20, that this experience with Baba put us on a path that has always seemed like an expression of Destiny. Baba and Darrell put me under their wings and helped me find my way with the drum.” She traveled twice a month (for years) to study with Darrell. Inspired to continue down this road, she hosted Baba in Asheville several times, and began a drum making company called Rhythm Alive! Olatunji modeled and helped her answer the deep calling she felt in her soul. She has always felt that the power of music, ceremony, dance, art, the ineffable…are experiences to help us heal, be happy, and experience magic. Between the classes and ceremonies with Olatunji, the time with Darrell Rose, making and delivering many drums, the NE All Night Fire Circle Community (that grew out of gatherings like Rites of Spring), being a mom, and a student of shamanism, a foundation was formed where the landscape of her life would grow and blossom. Reseed itself and become capable of accepting and actualizing a task Baba left to her: to invite women & the people of all nations to return to the drum to celebrate life together, in harmony: what matters is peace. Shamanic Studies Alchemy Handpan