Fellow Instigators

Do you have a calling to hone your personal and collective energies and direct this presence toward the wellness of our WErld?

I am drawn to those who are wise in ways beyond their years and willing to make time for the magic of wellness to unfold and blossom, in self, community and other.

As curator of SoulFire Sanctuary, I am a ceremony woman who is a musician, a mother and grandmother, a drummer and alchemist. Ia m one who is practicing planetary healing as a weaer and a conduit of the universal downloads and uploads in this ‘spiral of consciousness’ we are part of. My unique dance with community, music, dance, sacred space, eARTh and the universe, has always felt  to be a pART of a shift in how we relate to each other and in conscious evolution.

I am pleased to collaborate with those who also hold the capacity to actalyze great change through validation, Art in Action and returning power to the individual and the creator when in good relatinship and collaboration, can tune and turn raw power into right action.

Peace Matters: Mz. imani