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How Can I pARTicipate in SoulFire 4 The eARTh?

Join 30 days of ART in ACTion: on line, in person and self ACTualized. Invitations to Zoom Rooms with Others Who Are Motivated BE a pART of a Living Legacy of Peace.

  • ~ Tune In, Tune Up + ARTiculate Gratitude to Trance Form our WErld.
  • ~ Join In with a morning fire ceremony, by lighting a candle, or joining Mz. imani + Friends – everyday @ 9am est for All Our Relations Morning Fire
  • ~ Become CurioUS about Practical ACTions + Our Collective Capacity.
  • ~ Explore Global Response Abilities and our Ceremonial Relationship with the eARTh.
  • ~ Unwind Generational Trauma + Stabilize Paradigms of Peace
  • ~ Gather to ReWEave tattered strands in our Lineages – in person, on zoom, at your altar + social actions
  • ~ Talk a Walk to a place here you CHOOSE to acknowledge AND deepen your relationship with the eARTh. Engage in simple ACTions, like singing, drumming, listening, chanting, make an offering to feed the spirit of nature and your prayers.
  • ~Sit in Nature, in your home, on the subway or on the bus, with your eyes wide open and your heART generating + contemplating peace.
  • ~ Make Art for the eARTh + Give it aWAY to a friend who is having a rough time, or bring to a nursing home, or a local public office.
  • ~ Sing for the water in the forest, the deserts, the oceans, the springs + in the city
  • ~Express Gratitude to the water each time you turn the faucet on.
  • ~ Dance for the eARTh and Y/OUR Dreams + Prayer, anythyme you hear music that inspires you.
  • ~Inspire others with your with WErds of KINDness
  • ~ See Reality (Validate) with your 3 eyes, Listen to the WErds of others with your 2 ears, and speak from the one heART + 1 mouth.
  • ~ Organize a Local New Moon Water or Fire Circle/Ceremony – April 1st + 30th, 2022
  • ~ Organize a Local (all night) Full Moon Water or Fire Circle Ceremony – April 16th, 2022
  • ~ Organize a RE-B’eARTh pARTy + Rites of Passage Ceremony for the Legacy Idea ofEarth Day becoming a Grandma – April 22, 2022
  • ~ Organize Woman’s Drum Groups to Join Turtle Women Rising in a STAND 4 PEACE –This is a 4 day Prayer for Peace. This Indigenous Woman Led Ceremony Ceremonial Fire Dance -– April 12-16, 2022