Dowsing the Peace Sound Chamber

Dowsing the Peace Sound Chamber

An experience with a Shaman’s Blessing

Richard Crutchfield, Ph. D
President of Appalachian Dowsers Society

I had discovered that certain outcroppings and mysterious stone constructions on the mountainsides emit a heretofore unidentified energy field, detectable with dowsing rods (but not by geomagnetometer or Geiger counter) which reaches out from 1.5 to 3.0 feet uniformly from the stones or a sacred site (such as an old medicine wheel). I also found that this field is vastly magnified by about 300 percent every year during the period from mid-October to mid-March in areas that are touched by incoming rivers of life-force (Chi) energy which the ancient Chinese geomancers called lung mei or “Dragon Paths”.Sometime after becoming aware that the lung mei had resumed flowing, I discovered monolithic stones (menhirs) in the Asheville area which emit an energy field out to around 100 feet in thirty or more dowsable layers of energy. It is as if these stones are “broadcasting” something or as if they have an “aura” as human beings do, composed of what the Yogis call “sheaths” or “bodies”. Similarly, when the field produced by these menhirs are bathed by the lung mei, their energy is also magnified greatly.

A major clue to the mystery came some months after discovering the menhir stones, when I was dowsing a dome-shaped Prayer or “sound” Chamber being constructed in Swannanoa, North Carolina under the direction of a Yute-Pueblo Medicine Man named Joseph Rael(Beautiful Painted Arrow). There I found to my amazement, a whole series of phenomena that indicate the existence of a kind of powerful auric field associated with sacred work that can be detected and even measured.

Firstly, I found that Joseph’s prayer and cornmeal blessing at the Sound Chamber site left a permanent energy field which was identical to that which I had found surrounding granite outcroppings, sacred sites, etc., and that the field was so strong that it completely erased a whole series of geomagnetic noxious energy zones that had been under the area cleared for the foundation. These are what dowsers call “noxious rays” caused by underground water veins, fault lines, malignant rocks, earth gridline intersections, etc. Here again, the energy field increased dramatically due to the presence of a lung mei flowing across the area. Also due no doubt, to the fact that Joseph had tobacco prayer ties made with quartz crystals imbedded throughout the concrete in the foundation walls. Curiously the energy field they created seemed to be slowly expanding outward rather than diminishing as time has passed (about one year).

More significant than either the influence of the lung mei or the crystal prayer ties on the energy left by Joseph Rael’s Blessing, however, was something similar to what I had discovered about the granite structure and outcroppings (and some of the menhirs) of the mountain and Piedmont regions of the state. Not only did they all emit the 1.5 – 3.0 foot aura mentioned, but many of them received a kind of narrow shaft of energy of undetermined intensity, character or length, from each of the four cardinal directions and vertically from above and below. These seem to be the six directions widely referred to by Native American holy men such as Black Elk in their sacred work. This phenomena is easily dowsable. These 6-directional energy lines are anchored on true North rather than magnetic North and remain stationary even when such a charge stone is rotated. This means that the energy lines or force fields are not related to the Earth’s magnetic field or grid system, but are centered or focused on something beyond the Earth.

A further surprise was the discovery that underlying these 6-directional energy lines are thirteen energy lines of a different character that pass through the center of the stones equidistant from each other, forming 26 “spokes”, as in a wheel. Whereas the 6-directional lines remain steady and immobile, the 26 spokes seem to pulsate, the energy swooping in alternate fashion from one side of the wheel to the opposite. That is, there seem to be thirteen sets of double beams the energy of which alternate in pulsating manner. Precisely the same process is taking place at the Chamber as with these stones, with the center of the radiating spoked wheel being the place that Joseph chose for the central alter and where he made the cornmeal offering.

With the placement of the dome on the Chamber, a miracle seemed to happen. Not only was the energy of Joseph’s prayer pushed out beyond measurable walking distance in the community, but all twelve layers were pulsating outward and inward in twelve hour cycles. Traveling by car I measured the outermost rim of the cycle at 16.5 miles. I was astounded as I witnessed the energy reach to where I was stationed on the road, then waver for a few seconds, before finally retreating towards the Chamber. I could actually drive through and measure the thickness of each layer as I passed through them.

How could what had begun simply as a medicine man’s blessing, granted that it was in the middle of a lung mei path, come to be so powerful, so permanent and to have such an oddly organic configuration and behavior? What kind of energy was this? Where was it coming from?