Fire Ceremony

Joins us each month on the 7th at 7pm at the Peace Chamber in Swannanoa for this ceremony.  Chambers all over the world and private individuals do this ceremony in their respected time zones as it travels around the globe.  Be at the chamber by 6:30 to set the fire.  It is a very short ceremony, about 20 minutes.  We will chant in the chamber afterwards.

There is no charge to participate in this planetary healing.  Donations to support the chamber and other projects would be greatly appreciated.

Below is more information about the ceremony from Joseph’s Book.

Receiving the Vision – The Fire Ceremony

“Ceremonies of the Living Spirit” – Joseph Rael –

Pages 117 – 120 – Reproduced with kind permission from Joseph Rael

I was doing some lectures in Marin County, California. There was an educational institute right on the cliffs, for the Sufis order, and I did a sweat lodge there. At some point I was pulled out of my body and was taken underneath the ocean. There were three men who appeared and then I went down to the ocean floor. I remember falling off the cliff. They jumped off the cliff and their force drove me out of my body, and pulled me and I could see them. All three dove into the water and there were three white splashes – and I was falling; I was nothing but light.

Next thing I was in the corridor, like an underground tunnel, and the last one of them was in front of me and was pulling me along. He was like a man with shoulder-length blonde hair, but also like a fish, a green fish. A merman. I saw him come into the light, and then, when I looked, I was in a big cabin all of a sudden, and there was no water.

There was this beautiful being sitting on a glowing throne studded with emeralds and diamonds. He had a cape that was blue and an almost childlike face, a baby’s face. There was a pink color, very pleasant, very calm, very beautiful, and he put a light in front of him that looked like a blue tear drop.

He communicated with me telepathically. He said “I want you to go back, and on the seventh of April I want you to build a fire in the chamber. It is for the purification of the oceans.” I knew that he meant physical oceans, and that he also meant the cosmic ocean. And he said the light of the fire needed to be reflected against the wall.

So I started doing fire ceremonies every month on the seventh. As peace chambers were built, I instructed the people to do these fire ceremonies every month on the seventh. I instructed them to that so when April came around they wouldn’t forget. Later I found out in the literature that the Greeks used to honor Oceanus on April 7 by making a fire. Maybe the being in the ocean was Oceanus or a manifestation of him.

Oceanus is the metaphor for the birth of new ideas – babies. When we talk about the birth of babies, we are not just talking about the physical two-legged ones. We are talking about childhood in any dimension, as an idiom, an energy. Oceanus came to plant something new of the planet. I took his ceremony and I built a fire, and with that fire he was there.

Fire is the seed in the womb-like peace chambers. Birth is reflected off the walls from the center of the room.

So I have been given this child, this fire. When the fire is kindled during the fire ceremony in the peace chamber, the light hits the wall, and it comes back and there is a rebirth in there. Maybe the light that comes out of the walls energized the planet on some level metaphysically. It is bouncing off the walls of cosmic consciousness. Consciousness expands as the light touches it. There is now more that is knowable.

I have been taking care of my child given to me in vision for fourteen years, and I still don’t know the full meaning of my vision. I keep care-taking because that is my responsibility.

Instructions for Building this fire:Cleanse the area were the fire will be built. Make a Medicine Wheel of Cornmeal or Tobacco and place a small four sided fire there stacking sticks as per picture.

Each person attending can place a small offering of cornmeal with their prayers on the construction . Light the fire at 7:00pm. Sit silently around the fire as it burns. Watch and pray for the waters of the earth.

When the fire burns itself out, you can share with one another each experience and vision received through this ceremony.