What I realize

What I realize is that I am here to be and share what I have learned a conduit for the expression of the inner most joy and activation of the relationship that is inherent to life. I am here to give voice to that in what ever way SHE shows up to show me. I realize (real-eyes) that I am here to actively respond to the invitation to dance with the divine, and invite HER to engage with us to PeopleLikeUS.

1. There is an intelligence in life that seeks relationship with humanity.
The old ones tended to this conversation thru moon
There is an intelligence that supports each of us to reach our full potential.
There is an alchemical elixir that is brewed when we recognize a simple truth.
Life –ie: You, Me: I does not exist without relationship.
….and we come into relationship with the mystery, our existence blossoms, we are growing our capacity and sculpting our forms to be a conduit of this essential truth thatin the nature of life.

my job is to BE Love.
to BE Light.
to BE all that I am.
Present to what naturally shows up.
Inspiring and instigating all forms of harmony.