Chanting for the Seasons

From the teachings of
Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow


“Chanting is how we enter into the eternal now. The energetic vibrations of our voices bond us to the spiritual light made of memory, and of now, and of future, for we are the light of universal intelligence. As we chant the Universe speaks to us in metaphoric images.

The chanter is the cosmic universe in miniature. The person chanting is the embodiment of the earth and sky. When chanting, I start by pretending the in breath is the sky energy, and the out-breath is the earth energy. The highest nerve center is located at the voice center, the place in the human anatomy where the sky and earth in the human anatomy are connected. Sound vibration connects the mind, body and spirit, and makes the physical body whole.”

excerpts from Joseph Rael’s book ” Being in Vibration”

Chant for the Springtime: Naah-Pell Waah-Hu: Planting: the Sowing of the Field

Naah: the self, both the personal self and the vast Self

N: the personal and infinite self

aah: to wash, to purify, to see Unity and Diversity simultaneously. something purifying is going on here.

Pell: early (recurring) focus

P: the Heart, the center, sunset

ell: the reflectivity of ascending light.

Waah: coming into existence, another word for spirit and breath.

W: two ways of descending light.

aah: washing, purifying

Hu: To carry goodness ; to carry, so that the self-will find its focus (pell) of waah (coming into existence) of Hu ( caring on good works). Hu is another word for the “Most Beautiful One” who carries us.

Summer Chant : Pell Tah


Pell: early (recurring) focus

ell: the reflectivity of ascending light.

P: the Sound of the Heart

E: the power of placement

T : to crystallize

A : washing, purity, purification, purifying light

H : stepladder to the heavenly planes, beyond the beyond

Chant for the Fall : Paah-ChoThe Harvest

P: the Sound of the Heart

aah: to wash, to purify, to bring to the highest clarity

Cho: everywhere

C: Beauty

Ho: Heavenly lessons that are now ready to be understood, so that the heart of pure clarity can be fused with the beauty of all the heavenly planes, so that childlike innocence can be achieved.

Chant for the Winter : TowWay

ToeWay gives us the power to crystallize in frozen context; the power to glean,
or grasp, the power between the letters by the power of freezing/crystallizing what it isn’t

Toe: abundance (personal or cosmic) providing one is in existence between the
slices of light (letters in a name).

Way: the power of femininity, descending into existence, to wash and
purify the connection between the physical and spiritual planes.

T : to crystallize

O: childlike innocence & teach-ability

E: the power of placement

W: the power of femininity to descend into existence-ness A washing,
purifying, clarity is going on here.

Y: the connection between the physical plan spiritual plan