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The Soft Awakening of SoulFire Sanctuary is a private gathering.
Remember that by being close to nature, there are inherent risks and interactions that you will likely encounter. This includes but is not limited to uneven ground, wet or slippery trails and poison ivy. Please understand that by entering this property, you must move with awareness, for your personal and our collective wellbeing.
Please be prepared, Wear boots when you hike, have layers of clothing for warmth, rain gear, flash light and water bottle.

Alcohol is not permitted on the land.
Walk Gently and move with care:

Kind Regards:

Waiver of Liability and agreements:

I agree to follow all posted guidelines or rules.

I understand that when I enter SoulFire Sanctuary, I am responsible for my personal well being.

I agree to act in a way of “common sense” that prioritizes my safety, the safety of others, and the safety of any children I bring to the land. This means making choices that show kindness, listening, hydration and low impact interactions with the land, nature and the water.

I will respect the beauty and wild nature present here on the Sanctuary Lands, and the altars within the chamber.

I agree to Respect the privacy and property of others. I will not touch the personal objects of others, sacred objects, instruments, paintings in progress, with out asking.


3) I will Respect all things that are placed on this earth, whether they be plants, stones, animal, feather, crystals or offerings: The agreement is to leave these beings where they are.

I release SoulFire Sanctuary, Mz. imani, Martha White and the Red Rainbow Krewe from any liability due to personal injury or loss.


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