Marsia Shuron Harris aka Mother Turtle, is a facilitator, certified Coach, artist, photographer, singer, songwriter and musician who has been performing her original compositions for over 25 years. Her voice is distinctive, and her music is rooted in personal growth, love, social consciousness, and a greater vision for the world as a whole. In 2009 she designed and began facilitating “Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle,” where she helps women and men uncover and shift the “stories” that are limiting their life experience.

As a facilitator, Marsia is funny, compassionate, intuitive, and gifted with the ability to get you out of your head and into your heart. Using her voice as a tool for healing, she can lift you to great heights through her song, as well as take you to those deep places within that are seeking illumination. Marsia’s classes are unique and take on a deeply spiritual nature as she guides participants toward self empowerment and personal transformation. “It is my goal to address the inner unrest that binds us, and offer a means by which to free ourselves.” Mother Turtle