Stephanie Hein

Earth Connection-Creating Plant Essences

Weds October 16th

My name is Stephanie and I am a Plant Extrovert, Farmer, Herbalist, Teacher, Wild Wombyn, Mother, Daughter, and Sacred Sister on a mission to inspire people to connect with the Earth. I live on 138-acre Botanical Sanctuary in the ancient Appalachian Mountains outside of Asheville, NC. I thoroughly enjoy walking barefoot, eating wild weeds, and creating alchemy art in my apothecary. I am a trained herbalist in the traditions of Western, Chinese, Ayurvedic, and the Wise Women Way. I hold a degree in Clinical Herbalism from One World Healing Arts Institute (2009) where I studied under world renowned Herbalist Mimi Hernandez, president of the American Herbalist Guild. My formal education is in the field of Biology.

In 2011, I completed a 200hr Hatha Yoga training to deepen my understanding and respect for breath and movement. I have a story that many would call wild or untamed. I feel as though I have been through many initiations during my path. These initiations have always allowed me to soften and truly connect to what is most important, Our Mother Earth. I lead Earth Connection Journeys and Herbal Medicine workshops in Western North Carolina. My husband, 2 growing boys, and I have been consciously care taking the land with great intention since 2005, as we grow or forage most of the food that we eat.

Earth Connection-Creating Plant Essences

Let us join together and deepen our circle and connection to the Earth Element. We will walk barefoot, leave offerings, consciously breath, and open our true listening potential to what the plant or stone nation has to share with us. When we allow our intuition to be our guide, we open ourselves up for potent healing opportunities. In this Earth Connection space, we will be creating Essence’s. Essence’s are energetic imprints of the natural world; flowers, trees, bark, leaves, and stones. These Essences can affect the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual human energy fields. The natural world speaks to us when our heart is open, and we allow our intuition to be our guiding force. Therefore, we will spend the beginning of the Earth Connection Space recalibrating to nature, while opening our hearts through movement, breathwork, and guided meditation.