Unity Fire
Sunday October 17th

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The intention of the Unity Fire is to hold space for the healing of “What Is”. We invite you to bring your heART, willingness and courage to the Unity Fire as we approach the acknowledgement, dismantling and authentic healing of structuralized racism that is happening in most aspects of society.



Noon to 3:30

From the ground up – the personal to the collective – historical to present – WHAT IS: is the construct of Power Over Paradigms that includes racism, greed, misogyny, abuse, violence + corruption. May the Unity Fire help us to reassess and redefine our roles and abilities to respond, by showing us ways to restore personal and collective harmony. If you are inspired to pARTicipate send us a request to attend this exploration and expression of Healing What Is at a ceremonial fire, with offerings, music and expressions that may help us find a way back to our humane, humanity.

Alice Dixson and Mz. imani facilitate this session as an opportunity to acknowledge and educate ourselves about bridging the gaps inherited from the societal norms of the past, and the choices we can make in the present to access the power that resides within. This invitation is to engage in ceremony, meditation, dialogue and deep listening to reclaim our spirits, recalibrate our hearts and bring courageous conversations home for ourselves and our communities. The truth is We have more in common, than we realize. When we gather like this, we feel we pARTicipate in reweaving the web of life.

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