Solstice 2018 e-waiver

By submitting the form below, I understand that when I enter SoulFire Sanctuary, I am choosing to take full responsibility for myself.

This includes my personal safety, hydration and that my interactions with nature and the people, will respect the beauty and wild nature present here at the chamber and on the Sanctuary Lands.

In exchange for participating in the events at Swannanoa Peace Chamber/ Soul Fire Sanctuary, organized by Martha White, and for use of the lands and gatherings, I take responsibility for myself, my family, to do the following:

  1. I agree to follow all posted guidelines or rules, and to act from personal responsibility and common sense.
  2. Walk and move with care: Being close to nature, there are inherent risks and interactions that I will likely encounter including uneven ground, wet or slippery trails, etc. I understand that by entering the property, I agree to move carefully and with awareness and take responsibility for my safety, the safety of others, and the safety of any children I bring to the land.
  3. I will Respect the privacy and property of others. I will not touch the personal objects of others, especially sacred / religious objects, instruments, paintings in progress, with out asking.
  4. I will Respect all things that are placed on this earth, whether they are plants, stones, animal, feather, crystals etc: I may admire them, but promise to leave them where they are.

The Soft Awakening of SoulFire Sanctuary is a private gathering.
Alcohol is not permitted on the land.
Please do not bring pets.

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