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Currently the most crucial aspect of curating a successful gathering at SoulFire Sanctuary, is volunteerism. Can you make a commitment? Your presence matters! Weeklong, all day, half day, evening, or simply showing up for an hour or two to wash dishes or chop wood. we gather to engage in a transforming multi-faceted conceptual performance art piece happening in real thyme. Art is the backdrop for the emergence of this prayer for our “ancient future” culture. 

We aspire to reb’eARTh our fragmented present through WErk as Worship, tending to a culture of art, movement and music, collaging collaboration alongside more traditional eARTh based re-emerging practices. We engage with the forest lovingly and in tribute, as collaborators rather than colonizers.

There are many ways the spirit and being of the Ancient Future is cultivated. Please support us by volunteering your thyme, skills and expertise, in this artistic, ceremonial and social experiment. Sanctuary like this is created through our natural desire to support community, celebrate life, share, pray, see, be seen & help out. It is inherently human.

Since parking is limited at the Chamber & the driveway is steep, we are pausing to remember how to be mindful towards the road, the neighbors, and our carbon footprint on the planet. That being said, we urge and will reward you for carpooling. Only a certain number of vehicles will be allowed on site. (All attendees will be shuttled to and from the Sanctuary. We will provide forums to assist in the carpooling conversation.)

Our Biggest Needs Are:

  1. guide, greet and transport people to & from the land
  2. take care of the ceremonial fire
  3. nourishing and hydrating the core volunteers and artists.

Below is a list of the Volunteer Krewe Opportunities.

Kind Regards to all, if you have questions, please be in touch.

Peace Matters
Mama Mojo & Alana

WErk IS Worship – Volunteer Krewes

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Blessed Be!