Diane Patterson

Diane Patterson is a powerful eARTh Mama, who builds bridges of friendship and subverts the dominant paradigm with rocking acoustic guitar and ukulele, a mighty pen, and a woman’s voice, since 1989.  Patterson weaves her original Mystic Acoustic Americana songs and unifying stories, planting seeds of love and revolution.

“There is so much love to give … and rest, deep rest.” —St Bartholomew, when I asked him through a channel what advice he had for those of us working for peace.

“Diane is an amazing songwriter and a world healer.”
 — Bill Brickey, Chicago musician and producer
 “…a voice of extraordinary strength, colors and passions…an uncommon originality…a musician of great quality.” 
–Remo Ricaldone, DJ in Italy
“So vibrant and enchanting! Your voice is enough to draw us in, but your message is what makes us stay. Beautifully done.” Review of 2022 album, Satchel of Songs. 
–Marilyn Rea Beyer, 98.7FM Chicago
may all beings know peace, in our lifetimes