Deanna Rose

Deanna Rose was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, where she took singing lessons on world-renowned Music Row. She loves singing folk, country, gospel, jazz, blues, and more! Deanna now lives in the mountains of North Carolina. Deanna Rose is a graduate of Warren Wilson College, where she earned a BA in Gender and Women’s Studies and minor in Anthropology/Sociology. While attending WWC, Deanna participated in the folk choir and college chorale for 4 years. She also participated in the Vagina Monologues for three years and one year she co-directed it with Sally Obremski. Deanna Rose is currently a professional teacher, singer, sound healer, actress, nanny, community organizer and holistic herbalist, certified by the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine. Through song, nature and ceremony, Deanna Rose aims to bring community together. 🌹For more Details about my Services at

Mz. imani

Mz. imani has been building Gardens of the Groove and tending ceremonial fires for more than 30 years. She is a percussionist and vocalist who WErks with the elements of praiSING Life thru spoken werd, song, art, dance, and the drum. She feels that our innate gifts are interwoven with life experience and can be called forth by learning how to care for the drum. Mz. imani was radically trance-formed by Babatunde Olatunji. She whole heARTedly welcomed the presence of the sacred fire and the drum that he gave to her in the late ’80’s.

Mz. imani is skilled and dedicated to holding space for the co-creation of fields of unlimited possibility for personal and collective trance-formation, thru the drum, song, dance, round table discussions, prayer + silence. She is a grandmother, a ceremonial musician and planetary AlcheMystic who is lucky to spend most of her thyme in Swannanoa, NC, as caretaker and curator of SoulFire Sanctuary, and the 18th Peace Chamber, in Beautiful Painted Arrows Lineage.



Diane Patterson

Diane Patterson is a powerful eARTh Mama, who builds bridges of friendship and subverts the dominant paradigm with rocking acoustic guitar and ukulele, a mighty pen, and a woman’s voice, since 1989.  Patterson weaves her original Mystic Acoustic Americana songs and unifying stories, planting seeds of love and revolution.